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Succeeding in Customer Success

Skills can be taught. What matters most is who you are and the superpowers you can bring to your role.

Our Customer Success team is built around people that are:

  • Able to understand customers’ profiles, needs, and expectations
  • Attentive, caring, and patient
  • Tech-savvy and able to explain complex problems simply
  • Invested in creating great experiences
  • Hands-on problem solvers
  • The link between our product and our clients

Our department’s only goal is to help publishers be successful. The team works together to help every partner keep going above and beyond what they thought was possible. 


Support team in Customer Success

Customer Success at Marfeel is not just a department. Is a way of thinking. Our department leverages the fact that the whole organization is concerned about the success of our publishers from day one.


Support team in Customer Success

Because of the way Marfeel’s business is built, our customers are not customers, they are our partners. This makes a whole lot of difference as we always want the best for them, if they win, we win.


Product Manager, MarfeelPress

Never settle for the ordinary

At Marfeel, careers are made by being constantly curious, challenging assumptions, and finding solutions.

Challenge it. Own it.

Creating a ground-breaking product means we have to take risks.

We’re testing, breaking things, and learning everyday to create industry-leading technology.

We will empower you to add value to everything you do and go beyond what you thought was possible.

You rule your own career.

Innovate through inspiration

With 30 nationalities and growing, our team is full of diversity and ideas.

But, we all share a love for technology and a passion for the platform we’re building.

With open-access to management and bi-monthly company meetings, you’re never here to just fill a space.

Get your voice heard and make a real impact.

Constantly learn and develop

We provide ongoing training, and mentorship for everyone.

Join, take part in, or create events and meet-ups with companies such as Google for startups, WomeninTech, Devops Barcelona, and inhouse training and development sessions.

Never stop learning.

Change the way the world reads

Marfeel is the world’s only born-mobile publishing platform that combines programmatic advertising with digital publishing. We lead the industry, working with over 600 major publishers and serving up to a billion sessions per month.

Our inhouse innovations such as app-like experiences, server to server header bidding, and page speed and performance optimization solutions, give publishers the power to achieve unprecedented results.

The technology created at Marfeel has enabled us to build connections with the most respected partners in the industry. We are a Google Certified Publisher Partner, one of only six publisher members of, and an active member of the IAB.

We set the standards of programmatic advertising and what the digital publishing experience should be, for users and publishers.

Some of our publisher partners

(Shameless name-dropping.)

“We started our partnership with Marfeel and reached incredible results. The decision to move other assets to Marfeel came very quickly”

“The first impression of Marfeel is the usability is superb. actions make navigating the site super easy. They’re always working on progressing their product and incubating new technologies”
“Marfeel was able to deliver on all the promises they made at the start of our relationship, which is the best endorsement I can make.”

The little things

We’re motivated by innovation, but a few perks don’t hurt.